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Relationship Patterns: how the past still runs you

September 25, 2009

Ever heard of a relationship pattern? A relationship pattern is a set of negative events that repeats in your relationship(s) on a regular basis. So what are your relationship patterns and what can you do to change them? To find out read this article and listen to the radio show.

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Heart Healing Guided Meditations

October 20, 2008

In my search to accelerate personal and relationship growth for clients, I have been sampling guided-visualization CDs and MP3s. I have probably tested at least 30 different guided meditation CDs and have finally come up with a list of five that I highly recommend to anyone trying to patch up a difficult relationship or working […]

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Help Yourself Believe You Can Attract the Right Partner or Get the Love You Want

May 14, 2008

Are you having a hard time believing that you can have a wonderful, deeply satisfying, loving relationship? Do you think thoughts that make it impossible for you to believe that your dreams of true love will ever come true? Do you wish life was different; people were different, so that you can have the relationship […]

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Extraordinary Relationship Daily Quote: How to Feel Good

April 9, 2008

What’s wrong with your relationship or with your lack of relationship? How miserable are you about what’s wrong? What if what’s wrong brought you happiness instead of misery? Try this: next time you see something is wrong, say “Hmm, I don’t like that. What I would like instead is ….” Take a good long time […]

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Extraordinary Relationship Daily Quote: Reality

April 8, 2008

What we perceive is what we become. Are you sure you see what really is? Question your perceptions. Ask yourself “what else might be going on here to cause this situation?”

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Extraordinary Relationship Daily Quote: How to Deal with Fear

March 14, 2008

Are you afraid? Ask yourself: Is it happening, or is it something I am afraid might happen because it has happened to me before? This is how you will know whether your fear is founded or unfounded, and whether you should be afraid, back up and protect yourself, of open your heart despite fear and […]

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