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Relationship Patterns: how the past still runs you

September 25, 2009

Ever heard of a relationship pattern? A relationship pattern is a set of negative events that repeats in your relationship(s) on a regular basis. So what are your relationship patterns and what can you do to change them? To find out read this article and listen to the radio show.

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Singles Tip: Having Trouble Meeting Right Partner?

May 13, 2009

Single and having trouble meeting right partner? Here’s what might be standing in your way.

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Are You a True Love Magnet?

May 7, 2009

Attention singles: would you like to find out if you are a true love magnet, and if not, what you can do to enhance your ability to attract a “true love” type partner? Come on over and take a quiz and find out.

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How To Let A Relationship Go When You Don’t Want To

April 16, 2009

Recently I have been working with a couple of clients who are stuck in wanting their no longer interested ex partners back. The ex partners are done with the relationship in both cases, but my clients do not want to let go. To make it worst, they have much pain about not wanting to let […]

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A Good Dating Site to Try

April 10, 2009

If you are single, by now you have ventured out into the online dating world. There’s not that much of a stigma anymore about using online dating to meet potential partners. The dilemma now is more of which dating site is more effective and where should you spend your time and money. My single readers […]

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How to Become Lucky in Love

March 17, 2009

Think some people have all the luck in love and you’re not one of them? Head on over to my personal blog – to read an article about a study and a book published by a leading PhD. in Phsychology about how to become lucky in love and life.

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Dealing with Heartache – Here’s Relief

March 12, 2009

We experience emotional pain as physical pain, as has been discovered by recent research. This means that when you are experiencing heartache, your heart actually does hurt – well, perhaps not your heart, but something in your body does hurt and badly. You knew this already, because when you feel heartache or anxiety or frustration, […]

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Why You Date and Marry Your Parents

February 12, 2009

Are you in a relationship with a partner who’s a lot like your parent? Or, are you struggling because you keep ending up in painful relationships? Click on over to find out what may be going on with you and what you can do to heal your relationship life once and for all.

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Do You Use Online Dating Sites?

January 30, 2009

Do you use a dating site? If so, do you pay for the site membership? A recent article on cnn about online dating suggests that most members on dating sites have free profiles, but do not pay for memberships, which means they have no way of knowing that they are being contacted by paid members. […]

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