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by Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries on November 8, 2011

in Breakup Recovery Tips

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Breakup Recovery: Going through a breakup and want him or her back? If so, what leverage to do you have over that person, to make him or her want you? And how can you use that leverage most effectively?

When I work with clients going through a breakup and wanting their partner back, these are the kinds of questions we look at to come up with an effective “get him/her back strategy.”

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sandra` January 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm

I had been having serious relationship problems with my husband and it
had resulted in him moving out.Everything got worse,he
started going to strip clubs frequently,getting drunk and passing
out..Sometimes when we talked on phone,he would threaten me,he was just
not himself and our children were suffering for all the drama. I
really love him and we had been married for 15yrs which gave us three
beautiful daughters..I had also lost a lost on therapists and
spell-casters..I was in debt and I felt my world
crumbling..I was introduced to a spell caster by a friend who he
helped with the same thing and I thought it was just a scam all over
again but this time it was different..I did all he asked me to and
after a week,my husband called and now we are back together,he has a
job and has been sober since and am also out of debt..Its a miracle I
never believed was possible,I had lost all hope until I found him..He
works and if you have the same problem I did,he is the solution:
odonmark11[at] gmail. {Dot} com…

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